Traffic Signaling System

Installations of Traffic Signals in the following places have been completed along with Control Kiosk.

1st Rotary (MAR)

2nd Rotary (MAR)

3rd Rotary (MAR)

4th Rotary (MAR)

7th Rotary (MAR)

Near Tata Medical Centre

Jatragachi Rotary

Jatragachi Bridge

ECO Park Gate No.-1

ECO Park Gate No.-2

ECO Park Gate No.-3

Near Tinkanya

Near Rosedale

Streets No. 501 & 568 Crossing

Nababpur More

Noapara More

Unitech Gate

Kadampukur More

Eastern Flanke of 1st Rotary

Western Flanke of 1st Rotary

Aliah Univesity

Traffic signal