NKDA Profile


Head Office :

Unit Office :

Geographical Area :

One (1)

Two (2)

30.87 Sq. Km.


Year of Formation :

01th Jan 2009

Administrative Jurisdiction :

District :

Police Jurisdiction :

Police Station :

Barast Sub-division

North 24 Parganas South 24 Parganas

Bidhannagar City Police Kolkata Police

New Town Police Station Eco Park Police Station Techno City Police Station KLC Police Station


Big Residential Complex : 41 Nos.   

Commercial Establishment : 24 Nos. (Hotels, Hospitals, Offices etc.)

University/College : 14 nos.

School : 4 nos

Road Length in Km :

Action Area Action Area - I Action Area -II Action Area III Total
MAR 1111 20.43km - - 20.43Km
MAR 2222 7.13 Km - - 7.13Km
MAR 3333 - - 7.10Km 7.10Km
MAR 4444 - 6.20 Km - 6.20Km
Arterial & Sub Arterial Roads 9.83 Km 30.37 Km 10.72 Km 50.92Km
Local Collectors & Service Roads 58.20 Km 46.80 Km 25.00 Km 130.00 Km
Total 95.59 Km 83.37 Km 42.82 Km 221.78 Km

NKDA Civic Services

Record of Title

Building Plan Sanction

Water Connection

Occupancy Certificate

Enrollment of Technical Person

Trade License

Birth & Death Registration

Property Tax

Conversation of Use of Building

Permission of advertisement

Booking of Playground, Community Hall, Mela Ground etc.

Maintenance service of Road, Water, Sewerage. Drainage.

Vector Control Activity

In the pace of rapid urbanization and growing demand for housing and commercial spaces, the New Town, Kolkata was created in the eastern outskirts of Kolkata to serve the dual purposes of:

establishing new business centre to reduce the mounting pressure on the existing Central Business Districts (CBD) and increasing housing stock supply by creating new residential units.

The New Town Kolkata Development Authority has been constituted under The New Town Kolkata Development Authority Act, 2007 (The West Bengal Act XXX of 2007) for rendering various civic services and amenities within New Town, Kolkata and it has come into effect since November, 2008.

The New Town Kolkata Development Authority Act, 2007, was passed by the West Bengal Legislature and the assent thereto of the President of India and it was published in the Kolkata Gazette Extraordinary of the 30th June, 2008 vide Notification No. 1088-L dated 27th June, 2008.

This Act has come into effect, retrospectively, from 28th December, 2006 and it extends to the whole New Town Kolkata area as described in Schedule-I appended to this Act.

The area of entire township is comprised of 34Mouzas (both part and full) falling in areas ofAirportPolice Station, Rajarhat Police Station and Kolkata Leather ComplexPolice Station.

The Development Authority has been vested with the various powers and functions under the said Act.

NKDA had initially started functioning from its office at 03, MAR. New Town, Kolkata -700156 and subsequently due to expansion of its activities another office of NKDA has started functioning from 01, MAR. New Town, Kolkata -700156

It is a transitional arrangement in the way of creation of an Urban Local Body (ULB).

Unique features of NKDA

Smart Home Tag system to monitor daily door-to door collection.

Zero Shop – recycle, reuse

Bio – Methanation Plant for waste to energy for Street light.

LoRAWAN based smart street light

Grid connected solar Power Plant


Pet Creche/Cattle pound/Pet Burial Ground