Water Supply

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Installation, operation and maintenance of water treatment plants, booster pumping stations. Supply of Water Tanker.

a. Click here to Apply online

b. Registration of the Applicant/Citizen or login with existing account under e-District website credential during Building plan sanction..

c. Login in the e-District Portal and submit the PIN number as provided at the time of Building Plan Sanction.

d. Submit the preferable data range for Connection for Water.

e. Once process for physical connection has been done then digitally signed certificate for Water Connection will be generate and made available in dashboard of Applicant/Citizen



a) The current fee structure for water consumption through Bulk Meter is:
      For domestic purpose: Rs. 7/- per kilo-litre
b) For Industrial, Commercial and Institutional purpose: Rs. 15/- per kilo-litre

The following are the duties of citizen w.r.t water
a. To ensure stop wastage of water.

b. Lids of underground and overhead reservoirs should be properly covered and the water flow should be properly maintained so that there is no damage.

c. In case of it was found about wastage due to Overflow or Chockage of water lines inform to Water Supply section.

There are a total of 3 water tankers, each with a capacity of 3000 litres.

The water tankers are for supplying portable drinking water.

There are no specific timings, but those who require the water tankers must book in advance.

The charges are Rs. 600+GST for a single use, and Rs. 1500+ GST for the whole day.

For booking and inquiries, contact: 9748102353.

Supply of Water Tanker

  • Charges : Rs. 600+GST for a single use, and Rs. 1500+ GST for the whole day.
  • For any query please contact 9748102353.

Water Charge

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