Car Parking

Frequently Asked Question

The key activities of the department are,
a. To provide safe car parking facilities to citizens.
b. Generate revenues for NKDA by way of parking fees.

Citizens may inform the Concerned Officer designated for his area.

Contact details:

Citizens may inform the Concerned Officer designated for his area.

Contact details:

NKDA designated parking areas have personnel provided by fee car parking societies. These persons are physically present at parking sites throughout parking timings. They personally inspect parking areas and ensure that such areas are safe for vehicles parked. NKDA however does not take any guarantee for the safety.

In the unlikely event that a vehicle has been tampered in a NKDA designated car-parking area, please contact us at the address provided above or call the NKDA Parking Section. If your vehicle has been tampered on account of negligence by parking attendant we will take suitable action against the parking society personnel. We suggest that, in addition to the above measure, you may kindly complaint to the local police authorities. You can also contact the fee car parking societies whose details have been provided in the website.

The parking department provides work order to authorized collectors through their fee car parking societies. Moreover name of the parking collector is availbe in the display board in the respective parking site.

a. Please ensure that an authorized parking collector is present at the site.
b. Please ensure that you pay parking charges as per the rate board chart that is provided at all locations.
c. Please make sure that you park in such a way that other parkers can remove their vehicles easily

List of Parking Spots

Rate Chart for Fee Parking

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