1) Any Indian individual who has completed 18 years of age as on the date of Advt, partnership firm (registered/unregistered), trust, HUF, co-operative society, company registered under Indian Companies Act or any other legal entity or authority may apply for allotment.

2) An applicant/Joint applicant may submit applications for more than one stall/shop but for each stall/shop separate application is required. However, allotment for only one stall/shop will be made to that applicant/joint applicant as per his/her option within the period specified by NKDA. On receipt of option within the specified period, offer of allotment will be made to the applicant/joint applicant for the stall/shop opted by him/her. If, no option is exercised by the applicant/joint applicant within the specified period, NKDA will be at the liberty to allot stall/shop at its discretion.

3) Final Scrutiny of the application will be made after application. If the application of any applicant, is found to be incomplete, incorrect or the applicant is found to be ineligible on any account, then that application will be summarily rejected. No offer of allotment will be issue in favour of the applicant in that case.

4) The Indenture of Lease or License of conveyance for the stalls/shops will be drafted by NKDA. It will be shared along with offer letter.

5) The lessee or licenses have to pay stamp duty or other charges, as applicable.

6) The concerned Co – operative Society or Association, after proper intimation to NKDA in writing, shall have to undertake the regular maintenance work and to take up repair jobs as and when required within the market complex to keep market in good condition. But, no structural Change/ modification inside or outside are permitted without prior approval.

7) NKDA shall not pay the maintenance charge for any vacant stall/shop after the common areas and facilities/ amenities are handed over to the Co-operative /Association formed by the allotees.

8) All fees, taxes and charges levied by NKDA/future municipal authority in respect of individuals stalls/shops or the market complex as whole, shall be payable by the allotees with effect from the date of Execution of deed of lease or leave and license.

9) The allotees shall have to abide by the rules and regulations of NKDA under jurisdiction the stalls/shops are located or any other such body that may come into existence in future.

10) Individuals allotees shall have to apply WBSEDCL (West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited) to obtain electricity connection at his/hers/its own stall/shop (Lease or leave and license basis) and shall have to pay electricity charges.

11) All stalls/shops shall have to segregate garbage into bio- degradable and non bio- degradable category and keep such garbage in separate bins located within the market complex and not to the market premises or within the stalls/shops.No waste material /garbage should be allowed to decomposed or disposed inside the market complex. No littering will be allowed under any circumstances; else, penalty will be imposed upon the concerned allottee for such deviation.

12) The Bank spaces will be allotted by NKDA for 15 years lease basis with renewable clause and stalls /shops Leave and license basis for a period of 11 months and renewable thereafter.

13) Allotees of stalls /shops will have to obtain Trade License from NKDA/ future municipal authority from time to time ae per rules on payment of usual License fees.

14) The allotee will not permit to do any non-structural changes/aesthetical changes within stalls/shops allotted to him/her/its without obtaining permission from NKDA.

15) The allotees are not permitted to keep any belongings in common areas or pathway or obstruct the common areas.

16) Allotees are not permitted to keep any inflammable or dangerous items in side allotted stalls/shops.

17) NKDA reserve the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason whatever. In case of cancellation no liability will be incurred by NKDA.

18) The terms and conditions should be read carefully before filling up the application.