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What is New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA)?

The New Town Kolkata Development Authority has been constituted under The New Town Kolkata Development Authority Act,2007 (the West Bengal Act XXX of 2007) for rendering various civic services and amenities and undertaking uniform developmental works within New Town Kolkata and it has come become operational since January,2009.

What is NKDA Act ?

The New Town, Kolkata Development Authority Act,2007, was passed by the West Bengal Legislature and the assent thereto of the President of India and it was published in the Kolkata Gazette Extraordinary of the 30th June,2008 vide Notification No.1088-L dated 27th June,2008.

Why NKDA has been formed?

The Development Authority was entrusted with some obligatory functions in the sphere of public works and town planning and development and it was given some regulatory powers in order to manage the planned development and to control un authorised development.
The Development Authority has been vested with the various powers in respect of control of public streets, parking ,parks ,gardens ; prohibit future construction of building in a particular street ; power of inspection of any building at any time requiring sanction ;order demolition of buildings deemed as dangerous, unfit for human habitation ; Development Authority has the duty to provide water supply and it may impose fee for the use of water . Besides these, it shall provide and maintain a system of drainage and sewerage and removal and disposal of solid waste .
The following powers of

  • enlistment of trade, profession and calling
  • recording of title of land, building etc.
  • prohibition and control of advertisement have been vested by 1st Amendment of The New Town, Kolkata Development Authority Act,2007.

What is the jurisdiction of NKDA ?

The entire area of New Town , Kolkata is the jurisdiction of NKDA . The area of NKDA has been described in Schedule –I of the NKDA Act , 2007 , and the jurisdiction of NKDA extends to the whole area of New Town , Kolkata .

Which Acts ,Rules and Regulations are operational in New Town?

  1. The New Town Kolkata Development Authority Act,2007
  2. The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (Amendment ) Act,2010
  3. The New Town Kolkata(Building) Rules,2009
  4. The New Town Kolkata(Building) Rules,2009- (amendment- 26thAugust , 2010)
  5. The New Town Kolkata(Building) Rules,2009- ( amendment -30th September , 2010)
  6. The New Town Kolkata(Building) Rules,2009- (amendment -22nd March , 2012)
  7. The New Town Kolkata(Building) Rules,2009- (amendment -22nd March , 2012)
  8. The New Town Kolkata(Water Supply & Sewerage Rules) Rules,2010
  9. The New Town Kolkata (Record of title of land, building etc.) Rules,2010
  10. The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (Advertisement) Regulations,2010
  11. The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (Certificate for enlistment of profession, trade and calling)) Regulations,2010
  12. The New Town Kolkata(Record of title of land, building etc.) Regulations,2010

What are the differences in activities with WBHIDCO?

Housing Infrastructure and Development Corporation Limited (HIDCO) is the planning and development authority of the entire Planning area of HIDCO including ex-BRADA area . The erstwhile planning area of HIDCO is divided into four Action Areas ie. Action Area I , Action Area-II , Action Area-III & Action Area –IV . There is another area in between Action Area I & II is Central Business District ( CBD) . HIDCO has prepared the LUDCP and it is developing all infrastructure like roads, drains, sewerage line, water supply lines, major beautification works and other related major works as per master plan.
After construction of all such infrastructure it may be handed over to NKDA for its maintenance and re-pair in phases.

What are the functions of NKDA?

Presently NKDA is contemplating to the provide the following services:

  • Building Plan Sanction
  • Water Supply
  • Drainage & sewerage
  • Maintenance of some roads
  • Street Light
  • Birth & Death Registration
  • Collection & Disposal of Solid Waste
  • Enlistment of Trade , Profession & Calling
  • Permission for advertisement
  • Record of Title of Land , Building etc. ( Mutation)
  • Development Parks , gardens , Playground , Swimming Pool
  • Beautification and Plantation
  • Construction of Passenger Sheds and Public Toilets
  • Construction of Community Markets

How building plans are sanctioned?

The building rules are available in website. Building Plans can be sanctioned both in ONLINE and manually following the rules.

How water supply connection can be obtained?

The property owners need to apply to NKDA for permanent and temporary water supply connection.

Who gives the electric supply connection?

New Town Electric Supply Corporation Ltd. (NTESCL) will give you the electric connection.

How Partial Occupancy Certificate (POC) can be obtained?

After completion of part of the building project one can apply for POC submitting all documents and drawings as per rules.

How Completion Certificate (CC)/Occupancy Certificate (OC) can be obtained?

After completion of the project one can apply for OC submitting all documents and drawings as per rules.

Who collects solid waste and how?

NKDA has started collection of solid waste since December,2011. No open immovable VAT is permissible in the township . The auto filter are directly collecting solid waste from different housing complexes as well as individual houses.

Who repairs and maintains roads and streets?

Complaint regarding road repair and maintenance may be lodged with WBHIDCO.

Who repairs and maintains drains/sewerage lines?

Public Health and Engineering Department repairs and maintains drains and sewerage. However, the complaints may be lodged either with NKDA or with HIDCO.

Who repairs and maintains street light?

HIDCO repairs and maintains street light.

Who constructs and maintains parks/gardens etc.?

Till February 2012 one children park in AD Block has been completed. Construction works for few other parks have been undertaken by NKDA . All the parks will be maintained by NKDA.

Who does work for plantation and beautification ?

Partly by HIDCO and partly by NKDA.

Who prepares and maintains play ground?

Till February 2012 one play ground has been constructed by NKDA. It is also maintained by NKDA.

How to book play grounds?

Booking given by NKDA after submission of application by the party and on payment of fee.

Who constructs local markets?

NKDA will construct local markets. At present two such markets on in AE and another in B

Is there any shopping mall in New Town?

There are a few shopping malls in Action area –I and Action area –II.

Who constructs and maintains bus terminus?

Presently there are one temporary bus terminus near first rotary in Action Area-1A which is being maintained by HIDCO, and one inter-state Bus Terminus near second rotary .

Who constructs and maintains public toilets?

NKDA will construct some public toilets through SULABH INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL SERVICES ORGANISATION. The said organisation will maintain the toilets.

How can Birth Certificate or Death Certificate be obtained?

Any near relative whose birth certificate is required may apply in prescribed form (Form-1) which will be available from NKDA office free of cost along with copy birth certificate and discharged certificate issued by the hospital/nursing home.
In case of death certificate any near relative may apply in prescribed form (Form-2) which will be available from our office free of cost along with copy of death certificate and cremation certificate issued by the concerned authorities.

How enlistment of trades, profession, calling etc. (municipal trade licence) can be made?

Prescribed Form will be available from NKDA office. After submission of form along with documents an enquiry will be conducted and after satisfactory completion of the hearing a demand notice for deposition of fees is issued . After deposition of fees Certificate of Enlistment is issued by NKDA .

How permission for display of advertisement be obtained?

No advertisement on structure or kiosks are permitted to be displayed along Major Arterial Road. Permission for display of advertisement may be obtained upon submission of prescribed forms available from NKDA office along with documents . Permission will be accorded subject to inspection & deposition of fees as per rules and regulatios made in this regard .

How record of title of land, building etc. (municipal mutation) can be made?

Application will have be made on the prescribed forms ( Form-A ) available from NKDA office or from NKDA website . Mutation will be accorded subject to a hearing based on submitted documents & deposition of due fees .

How property tax can be given?

No property tax has been levied at this moment as the act itself requires some amendments . Amendment bill is pending and it is expected that the bill may be placed at the current session ( 2012 ) of State Assembly .

Which banks are now operating in New Town?

  1. SBI
  2. Syndicate Bank
  3. Vijaya Bank
  4. Axis Bank
  5. IDFC Bank
  6. UBI
  7. Canara Bank
  8. Bank of Baroda
  9. IO Bank

How many Police Stations are there in New Town area?

The entire area of New Town falls in the jurisdiction area of three Police Stations viz. Airport PS , New Town PS and Kolkata Leather Complex PS .

How names can be included or shifted or deleted in the electoral roll?

The area of New Town falls in partly in two assembly constituencies ie 115- New Town Rajarhat Assembly Constituency and Bhangore Assembly Constituency. The Electoral Registration officer of the above mentioned two assembly Constituencies may be contacted . Application in Form-6 for inclusion of names may be made to ERO .

Which Sub-Post Offices are operational in New Town?

02 ( Two ) Sub—P.O are operating in New Town at the moment .

  1. One at Mohishgot
  2. One at Noapara

How many schools are functional in the New Town?

One school is functional at the moment viz. DPS .

Is there any college/university in New Town?

One Technical College , viz. Techno India .

Is there any cinema/theatre hall in New Town?

Yes, at present one cinema hall at AXIS MALL in AA-I and one at City Centre-II are operational .

Is there any medicine shop in the New Town?

Yes, at different locations .

Is there any hospital/nursing/poly clinic in the New Town?

Yes , at present TATA MEDICAL CENTER is in operation.

Is there any ambulance service available in New Town?

NKDA has no ambulance service of it own. However, ambulance can be available from nearby nursing homes. Some NGOs also provide ambulance service in the New Town.

Is there any trauma care centre?

No. HIDCO is completing to provide such facility .

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