Procedure for Self-Assessment and Payment

Step 1: Log on to and click on “Assessment and Payment of Property Tax “.

Step 2: After checking all necessary details and information click on “Apply for Self Assessment and Payment of Property Tax “.

Step 3: Log in using your User ID and Password in case you are already registered on e-district, else select Citizen Registration and the follow the steps to complete registration. Please note that once the User Registration Acknowledgement is displayed on your screen, you are already registered, whether you receive the sms or not. Now log on with your User Id and Password.

Step 4: Upon successfully logging in, please select under the Head Line “Department”, NKDA Assessment of Property Tax at NKDA.

Step 5: Check carefully the Eligibility criteria, Documents required, fee details etc and then click on “Apply”.

Step 6: Enter the “Date of Completion or Possession or Purchase of the property, whichever comes earlier” and press “Search.“

Step 7: Fill in Details of Entity filing Assessment Return and Address of the property. Also validate your mobile number through the OTP.

Step 8: To proceed click on “Save & Next”.
Then fill in the Communication Address of the Applicant or tick the box in case it is same as previous address, Details of the Tax Sathi ( in case assistance of any Tax Sathi is availed or select none)followed by Type and Location of Property, Property Details ( after submitting the data in each row, please click on the “Add “ button) and Other Details.
Step 9: Check the box to accept the declaration and then you can either “Save Draft” your application or click on “Save & Next “ to proceed.

Step 10: View Application Details for Assessment of Property Tax at NKDA. If the displayed information is found to be correct please select “Attach Supporting Documents” to proceed further.

Step 11: Upload the document/s as required or in case none is required , select “Save & Next “.

Step 12: View Application Details for Assessment of Property Tax at NKDA and the Supporting Document list and other details.

Step 13: Click submit.

Step 14: Application Acknowledgment will be displayed on the screen. You can print, finish, see and download the annual valuation and tax ( which will bear your assessment no.) and pay.

Step 15: On clicking Pay, fill in the assessment no and select the online/offline mode of payment.

Step 16: Fill in the details and select save.

Step 17: Select either online payment or offline payment.

Step 18: In Case of Online Payment, on successful completion of payment e-Receipt of Property Tax will generated.

Step 19: In case of offline payment download the payment challan, pay the tax at bank within the date printed on the challan, and upload the receipt copy. E receipt will be generated once the same is verified by the Authority. After confirmation of payment by the Authority citizen can download the e-Receipt of Property Tax.