Achievements 2014-2015

  • Construction of 10 nos of community markets. Out of 03 have already been allotted.
  • Completion of 03 nos of parks at different locations of New Town Kolkata.
  • Approval of Solar City Master Plan by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.
  • Completion of Cricket Ground at Action Area- IID.
  • Completion of 12 kW grid connected Roof top solar power plant at NKDA building of 01 MAR.
  • 10 kW Grid connected floating solar power plant at “Smitibon”, Action Area- IB, New Town Kolkata.
  • Completion of Pyramidal Tower & congregation centre at Action Area-IB near Home Town.

Achievements 2013-2014

  • Construction Weigh Bridge at Action Area IC, Newtown, Kolkata.
  • Food Court behind Sishu Tirtha Park at AD Block, New Town, Kolkata.
  • Construction of Immersion Ghat at Action Area-ID New Town, Kolkata.
  • Construction of 02 (two) nos of Passenger Shed near Eco Park New Town Kolkata.
  • Installation of Road’s Signage in AA-I C and AA-I D.
  • Development of Mela Ground at New Town Kolkata.
  • Introduction for m-Grivence System for New Town Kolkata.
  • Manual sweeping and clearing of roads for New Town Kolkata.
  • Community Market of IB likely to be completed.
  • Fees parking zones near Home Town, Asix Mall, Coal India at New Town Kolkata.

Achievements 2012-2013

  • Introduction of Fire Audit to check fire safety measurement for large projects.
  • Application of Bio-metric attendance system.
  • Completion of Bibek Tirtha, Rabindra Tirth Sisu Uddan, AI Park, Theme Park at different location of Action Area-I New Town Kolkata.
  • 07 (Seven) nos of Passenger Shed at different location of Action Area-I and II of New Town Kolkata.
  • Installation of Traffic Signal with Control Kiosk in 5 different location of New Town Kolkata.
  • Installation of Road’s Signage and Road’s Maps in AA-I A and AA-I B.
  • Collection of Water Charges.

Achievements 2011-2012

  • Development of a Children’s Park in AD Block (Sishu Tirtha) .This is the first Children’s Park in New Town.
  • Development and opening of a public playground in AD Block. This is the first public playground in New Town.
  • Beautification from Bridge over Kestopur canal to 1st Bridge over Bagjala canal along median verge of M.A.R.
  • Starting of collection and disposal of Solid Waste since November, 2011.
  • Starting of work relating to Record of Title (Mutation) since November, 2011.
  • Plantation of coconut trees along link canal connecting Bagjala and Kestopur canal.
  • Finalization of development of two Community Markets in 1A & 1B.
  • Construction of one bus stops along M.A.R at 1st Rotary.
  • Installation of Traffic Signal in 1st Rotary along with Control Kiosk.
  • Construction of Pay and Use Toilet at 1st Rotary in AA-I.
  • Maintenance of accounts through software.

Forthcoming Projects

  • 8 nos of more community market in different location of Action Area I and II.
  • Construction of Swimming Pool along with Change Room, double storied building Gymnasium-cum-Office-cum-Food Court, double storied Executive Club in AE Block, New Town, Kolkata.
  • Construction of Tennis & Basket Ball Court within the Green Verge at AE Block Play ground, AA - IA, New Town, Kolkata - 700156.
  • Construction of Gallery in AD Block Play ground.
  • Development of Cricket Ground along with Pavilion, galleries, Curator’s Room, Toilets etc in Action Area - IID, New Town, Kolkata.
  • 100 x 5 (500 kwh) Canal Top Solar Power Plant at Eco Park New Town Kolkata.
  • Installation of Road’s Signage and Road’s Maps in AA-II & III.
  • Different Awareness Programme on Solar City Project.
  • e-Waste Management System.
  • e-Governance System in New Town Kolkata.
  • Digitization of all record.
  • m-Governance System in New Town Kolkata.
  • Introduction of web enables GIS in open PRP mode for the entire township.
  • Installation of traffic signals in different location of New Town Kolkata.
  • Efficient scientific disposal of biodegradable and non- biodegradable waste will be taken up in future.
  • Mechanical sweeping and clearing of roads will also be taken soon.
  • Construction of Car Parking along with Toilet at Street No 184, 97 at New Town Kolkata.
  • Construction of 04(four) nos of pay & use toilet near Balaka Abasan on MAR(EW), near Coal India, Street No-178 near NBCC, near Immersion Ghat.

Notice issued by West Bengal Valuation Board regarding valuation of property of New Town Kolkata.

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